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Commit to a culture of networking, sharing knowledge and innovation for a shared prosperity.

The World Innovation and Change Management Institute is a multi discipline, global forum for the sharing of knowledge and experience of innovation and change management in tackling the issues which challenge us all.
Whatever our culture, creed or country we have in common one thing, we share one planet and the problems that threaten it.
WICMI has created seven multi national, multi discipline teams to lead what we hope will be a global conversation, sharing knowledge and experience which contributes to sustainable prosperity for all.


Technology and Data


Membership is a statement of your commitment to our core principles and values. By joining our global network you will discover the endless possibilities of cooperation for mutual benefit by sharing expertise and experience of innovation and change management. 


A World Innovation and Change Management certificate is recognition of the creative and management achievement in developing innovations and delivering change management. It positions a company, organization or institution as a leader in their field. 

Sharing Knowledge and Experience

Communications between government and the public as a factor to put down the risk of corruption

Considering corruption to be one of the main problems in the country, people shift responsibility for what is happening to the authorities,...

Hackathon – event, where collaboration breads innovation

I am a huge fan and promotor – well, also organizer – of hackathons and if you ask me yes, everyone should participate at least in one in a...

Why resilience is the key to a better future

The recent natural disasters, sweeping floods, ravaging fires, and looming heatwaves, have hit the wealthiest countries globally and left them in...

Innovation comes from cooperation as well as competition

“We are in a competition to win the 21st century, and the starting gun has gone off.” The competition President Joe Biden was referring to is the...

Environment Policy

Our goal is to be green. Therefore, our principal communication channel is online.

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