21st century networking

Business has changed in many ways in the 21st century, and the development of social networks and social networking in general has had a great impact on this. In an age when we can track anyone’s activities on digital platforms, it’s hard not to resort to networking as one of the options to improve your business. In addition, networking today takes place in person – through banquets, charity events and various activities aimed directly at networking.

Social networking

In the domain of social platforms, the one that is certainly the most popular is LinkedIn. This social network was created with the aim of business networking, and it works in a way similar to Facebook or Instagram. Users are trying to expand their network of contacts, add work experience and connect with former and current colleagues, highlight the certificates they have obtained, publish articles and multimedia content, etc. Today, there is almost no serious company that does not invest in its LinkedIn profile, but also encourages its own employees to create it. Even some colleges require students to create a LinkedIn profile as a form of exercise. All this speaks to the importance of digital networking for modern business.

Creating a local and global network of contacts is important for both the company and the employees.

Face to face networking

Live networking is a bit more complex though. It requires a certain level of social skills, such as leaving a good first impression or the ability to quickly ‘pitch’ a project or idea. Those who are skilled in networking have a much wider range of opportunities than those who are not. They can more easily raise funds and find sponsors for their projects, find new jobs faster and easier because they probably have had a couple of contacts with the employer who can recommend them.What’s more, companies today are looking for networked employees because they know it will be easier for them to enter into collaborations and sign contracts. In addition, such employees have a greater potential to work in a team and later in leading a team.