Proper treatment of nature and the planet Earth

Caring for the environment has only recently become an integral part of the business, but also the legal framework. Numerous national, regional and international regulations related to the environment have become an integral part of life, and awareness of the importance of proper treatment of nature and the planet Earth has grown significantly in the media, but also in everyday life. The most important player in these processes are definitely the United Nation who have taken on the role of global coordinator of environmental policies. For example, through the UN Environment Program, an interactive map can be followed to show the world situation regarding the environment. This can also be very beneficial for business as companies are highly dependent on the environment in which they operate.

Challenges of finding environmentally friendly solutions

Sometimes, even when they are highly motivated to find environmentally friendly solutions, companies cannot cope with legal regulations or are not aware of which areas of environmental protection affect their business. A large number of companies still do not have a regulated attitude towards the environment in their regulations. Instead, they act as needed and appropriate: departments and project teams know the basic determinants of environmental legislation and apply it depending on the project, but there is no common framework governing this area at the company level. Assembling it requires the gathering of a special team of legal and environmental experts, which automatically means a higher cost for the company and the potential absence of these employees from their usual jobs.

Another challenge is the impact that such regulations have on a company’s business. Very often they bring about fundamental changes. Long and intensive communication is needed so that all employees are aware of their obligations and rights. In a large number of cases, employees were not even aware of the extent to which their position was not in line with environmental standards. At the moment, it is quite complex to adapt employees to a new approach to the environment.