In order to increase the chances of success, organizations need to change the mental structure and attitude of employees towards the change they are introducing. This task is not quite easy, it requires a lot of communication and an effective top-bottom approach.

Values ​​are what every manager should start with when thinking about the human factor in the change management process. It is crucial that values ​​as the purpose of the change process are clear to all employees. Therefore, it is recommended to first inform the top management about what values ​​the company wants to improve, change or add to its business or itself as a brand. After that, through a waterfall communication strategy, information is passed on to employees who have no executive responsibility. In the event that these values ​​are not properly communicated, employees may feel burdened by the change and it can cause fear and uncertainty in them.

Creating value for humanity should not be an afterthought but a core business strategy.                                                                 – unknown

When choosing the values ​​to be emphasized and communicated, the company should take into account that they are in line with the overall image that the company wants to achieve in public. Many companies will naturally be guided by the values ​​that are currently trending in the business world, such as teamwork, sustainability and social responsibility. Some company-specific values ​​should be added to these values. They are often contained in its own slogan or business regulations and are known to all or most employees. Rebranding of these values ​​should be carried out gradually, through educating employees and respecting their opinions about them.s.