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Angel Salazar

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
– Daniel Keys Moran

Everyone is a user and provider of information. Consciously or unconsciously our every digital interaction produces data.

It is easy to understand why the internet enjoys data collection dominance: multiple touch points and near instant results. Perhaps to glean insights, maybe just to sell us stuff. Or it could be more complicated than that.

Technology drives data, data spawns knowledge, and knowledge enables empowerment. One area of empowerment is human augmentation, a process by which an individual’s physical and cognitive ability is increased. Nanobots feature in this future marriage. Nanobots which will plug your brains straight into the cloud, to give a full immersion virtual reality from within your own nervous system.

New technology will also have practical applications. Tackling cancer: diagnostics innovation such as genome sequencing that promises greater ease of testing, higher accuracy and ideally at a lower cost. Early detection and intervention not only save lives but reduces the financial and emotional burden on society.

The ethos of WICMI is about sharing knowledge to enable empowerment of the individual or organisation to better harness the potential of technology and data for the benefit of us all.


Angel Salazar

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Kerensa Jennings
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