Competitiveness, increased productivity and improved quality all result from innovation. Change is implemented through various processes including education, investment, creativity, commitment and more efficient management systems.

The World Innovation and Change Management Institute’s certification program recognizes institutions, companies and organizations which are leaders in their field in innovation and change management.

The WICMI label is awarded to companies, institutions and organizations which meet our stringent certification parameters.

A WICMI Certificate of Excellence recognizes the achievement of the people responsible for demonstrating leadership in innovation, management of introduction and acceptance of new ways of thinking and working and in launching new products and services.

Benefits of the certificate: 


  • A sign of global leadership in a certain area of involvement
  • Increases market value of products/services
  • Differentiates companies, institutions and organizations from the competition
  • Impacts the awareness of other companies about the importance of sustainable development
  • A self-assessment tool
  • A sign of external recognition by experts
  • Motivational for the employees
  • A chance for establishing your brand on a global scale

Parameters of the certification process: 


  • Innovation orientation
  • Investing in socially responsible business
  • Providing a level of business continuity for more than five years
  • Creative policies
  • Investing in employee satisfaction and employee reputation
  • Environmental engagement
  • Technological output
  • Original and efficient communication strategy
  • Investing in health policies
  • Life-long education

You should receive further guidelines for accessing certification within 72 hours. In case you don’t receive any feedback within the mentioned time frame, feel free to contact us at: secretary@wicmi.ch