Aleksandar Eric

Chair of the Tech & Data Committee

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”
– Daniel Keys Moran

Aleksandar Eric started his career in IT at age 15 as a software engineer at a Swiss Insurance company.

After obtaining his Bachelor, Aleksandar started working as a Coordinator in a Telecommunications company, where he learned how to communicate, work in a team and build his new goals in management.

The next step in his career was as a support specialist in a Swiss national Hospital, from where he moved quickly to a US Pharma company. As IT Generalist, he covered all technical aspects, from IT Architecture and Infrastructure to event management and Mobile Device Management.

During this experience, Aleksandar started his Management School and obtained very quickly a position as a Business Analyst in an agri-food company where after graduating, two years later, Aleksandar got a project manager role and accomplished the first data migration to the cloud of a Swiss company in the Microsoft ecosystem.

After leading various projects, Aleksandar decided to extend his knowledge and industry coverage, including client and project types, and add a program manager role in his career, which is why he moved to a consulting company.

One year later, he became the Chief Project Manager of this same company and created his offer around Business Consulting.

Always having an entrepreneurial mindset, Aleksandar created Harmonity LTD in December 2020, which became Harmonity Solutions LTD in April 2021, after merging with Pixels2Pixels studio LTD.

Harmonity Group counts around 40 employees, five departments (Pixels2Pixels, Solutions, Business Consulting, Academy, and R&D), and is a pioneer in VR, AR, and Metaverse (blockchain) development as much as Architecture visualization.


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